Voice Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are powerful. What you think influences your behaviour and shapes your experience of the world. When you voice your thoughts you invite others into your experience of the world. In doing so you give them the opportunity consider your perspective. What you share about yourself can help others to identify with you, to feel connected and understood. Your voice and what you say can help people to see a better way of doing things to get the results they want. Your voice could be the difference between someone succeeding or giving up.

I know that sharing your voice can be scary. It took me a long time to get over my fears and start sharing my thoughts online. When you invite others into your experience of the world you also invite them to share how they experience their world. This opens up discussion, and highlights support and conflicting views. Some people will not agree with your perspective and that’s okay. Yes there might be people who don’t see the value of your thoughts and they might even express that rather unkindly. Expect it. Respond by respecting their right to hold a different view. Done. I suggest you don’t waste your energy in nasty interactions with people who don’t show respect for others who see a different perspective. Instead focus your energy on connecting with those who identify with you. Sometimes it takes a while for your followers to speak up and share with you. Just keep sharing your thoughts, discussing different perspectives and share your growth throughout the experience of connecting with your followers. By sharing your voice you are encouraging others to share theirs too. It’s a powerful learning experience for everyone involved.

Utilise the tools that are available to you today to connect with others and share your message. There is no excuse for remaining mute these days with so many free platforms available to voice your thoughts. You could start today on a platform such as this or through social media sites. Just start. Get off the bench. Voice your thoughts and join the learning experience. It’s life enriching.


an old lady sitting on a bench seat
Get off the bench and connect with your people.